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Japanese Flower Arrangement - A Performance during the Conference!


Rhuho Sasaoka

We will have a brief performance of Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) on stage at the conference venue. Rhuho Sasaoka, the Ikebana artist, is the next grand master of the Misho-ryu Sasaoka School of Ikebana based in Kyoto. Sasaoka in his mid-30s believes the study of Ikebana can develop a deeper understanding of Japanese formal gardens, Japanese architecture and other types of traditional art. He will take Ikebana into the world of the performing arts during the conference.

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Tofuku-ji Tsuten-kyō bridge (640x480, type=image/jpeg, 138.4 KB)

Tofuku-ji Tsuten-kyō bridge
Tofuku-ji is the head temple of the Tofukuji School of the Rinzai sect of Zen Buddhism. It was built in 1236.There are a number of gardens in the various precincts of Tōfuku-ji.The temple features a large number of Japanese maple trees, and is most crowded during the autumn season when people flock to see the autumn foliage. It is a tradition to view the leaves from the Tsūten-kyō bridge.
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